Saturday night at a house party and I find myself in a conversation, leaning on the kitchen side, as we share our stories I’m moving my feet around in my LK Bennets* to get comfy.

It was that time of night when your feet start to ache in your shoes and and it wasn’t happening. I cast my eyes down to her feet, what type of shoes was she wearing that were comfy I wondered, but I noticed she had slipped her feet out of one of her shoes.

I guess, being at a house party it was okay to do this, and I slipped my feet out of mine. We shared a chuckle, and I told her about this blog post I was writing about how the way we pick our man friends is the similar to the way we pick our shoes.  She looked puzzled,

and so, I went on to explain….
A mere glimpse of a gorgeous pair and we fall silent.
We wear different shoes for our different ages.
We covet shoes from afar, gushing with each other about how gorgeous they are.
We know our favourite style of shoe
We buy shoes that don’t fit us properly thinking “that’s ok, we can break them in”

and it continues…

We wear shoes that do not fit us.
Shoes that hurt us so much they leave actual scars.
Shoes that look beautiful but are just plain evil to our feet, (and nothing can make us stop wearing them or admit that they are awful) and Shoes that we see on those social media ads and have to buy.

Ahhhh shoes and men – the comparables are endless!

We nodded our heads at this analogy and turned to the men in our circle, explaining about the blog and the comparison between men and shoes. Men just wouldn’t do this to themselves, I said, and they nodded in agreement. Do Men have the same relationship with shoes? Heck no! Men pick shoes in a completely different way….
If the shoe is not comfortable, it doesn’t leave the shop on their foot.
The shoe has to do what it is meant to or it is binned.
Men will buy the same style of shoe year in, year out, they don’t change their mind.
Men only want the shoe to be a shoe.
The shoe doesn’t have to be look beautiful as to them, it’s perfect.

I could go on all night but I’ve been meaning to publish this blog for some time now so there is no time, but feel free to add yours….

*They were actually from New Look but someone said “wow they look exactly like LK Bennett, so from now on say they are!” …and so, I am pretending my shoes are better than they really are to the world, oh dear lord……


Also, you should also TELL your Valentine they are your Valentine!

4 responses to “If the Shoe fits, Date it!”

  1. A McCoist Avatar
    A McCoist

    I think you are being unfair to men here! Men have maybe been stereotyped into the category you desrcibed but I think as time moves on men are getting more like woman when it comes to shoes. I dont think men will ever have wardrobes with a hundred pair of shoes like woman do, but I do think modern men are changing with the times and no longer buy shoes just depending on their comfort.

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Thank you for you comment, the point I am making is a light one foremost but based in fact that men would not put up with the nonsense women do with their shoes. Men would not near cripple themselves to wear a pair of shoes!! Would you happily squeeze your feet in shoes too small for you or too big? or made for deer or something unhuman just because they match your dress? 😉

      1. A McCoist Avatar
        A McCoist

        Thank you. I actually would squeeze into a couple of sizes too small if they matched my ‘dress’. You are right in the fact alot of men do want their shoes built for comfort regardless of what they look like but I would say that it would be more maybe older men. Most young men are just as style conscious as woman nowadays. Thank you.

  2. Karlie MacGregor Avatar
    Karlie MacGregor

    This is true but you do realise this post isn’t really just about shoes don’t you? Its more a comparable on relationships than it is about shoes…:)

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