Social Media Barflys

Twitter is often likened to a bar and tweeting the conversation you would have in the bar, the fat you would be chewing with people who want to talk about the same thing. When Twitter gets a good conversation going, its an awesome thing to observe. Twitter becomes a hub of chatter, opinions and debating. I love being part of it as it’s fresh and lively. Because I work in Social Media, regular people on the street think I know everything about it and I always say ‘No, I hope I never stop learning’. There is still so much to learn and I am certainly not an expert.

In my opinion, no-one can give themselves the title as Social Media Expert it’s still too new. And yet there are a small bunch of experts out there, holding court like knights of the round table all trying to pull the sword out of the stone, the one golden nugget of information that crowns them king. They constantly talk about their subject, holding daily discussions and debating strategies between them all day long. You can find lots of them on Twitter, or maybe even in a real live bar, I doubt you’ll find them in an office. It’s a very exclusive club where they are knighting each other with titles, descriptions and ego’s.

I, like many of my friends, who work in Social Media Management, run accounts on behalf of clients. At like other Social Media companies, our days are spent tweeting, listening and watching on their behalf, our own accounts forgotten as we don’t have the time. I cannot help but wonder when these ‘Experts’ are doing the amazing work they are capable of for clients, as I’ve yet to find a desk top application that allows me to work AND tweet all day long.

Now, I could be wrong, but I’m more inclined to think, as I’m sure you are, that if they are still in the bar long after everyone else has left, they most probably, in a round about way, if you look closely, might not, actually, be experts at all. In this evolving world of social media where we are only as good as our last campaign, it’s important to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. If the Cliffs and Barneys of the social media world are hanging out telling everyone how great they are, when are they working?

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Barflys

  1. Totally agree with everything you’ve said here. Its far too easy for people to claim to be social media ‘experts’ but I guess one way to weed out the one wrong ‘uns to ask them to demonstrate what business benefit their services have made to a particular company, in the same way a lot of industries have to…and watch them scurry away back to their Twitter account with 6 followers!

    I saw a tweet a while back (can’t remember who it was but it was someone in PR in edinburgh) that said they had met someone claiming to be a Social Media Expert at a networking event but on checking out their Linkedin profile, saw that they only had 4 connections! Hmmmmm…

    You guys are suffering the same problems as a lot of the creative industries in that people with a small amount of knowledge are calling themselves ‘experts’…designers, web developers, SEO experts etc. The amount of ‘graphic designers’ I’ve seen that make me want to name and shame then to the world for defrauding the public is enormous!

    Time will definitely weed out the ones who are talking sh** but sadly, until then, they are still going to be making a living fleecing the uninitiated.

  2. Businesses are incredibly migrative they are only on Twitter now because of a trend, you can only get such a short amount of information out in a “Tweet” it’s hardlt enough to stir interest, I consider it as penetrative as Spam Mail
    Facebook on the other hand is different, groups allow like minded induviduals to pull in other people with their acitivies, if Facebook made their own “Tweeting” application a little refiner Tweeter would disappear

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