It started with a Kiss….and tell…

A few months ago when an un-named footballer tried to silence a newspaper over his alledged affair, the whole world looked to Twitter for the ins and outs of the story. Within seconds the name Ryan Giggs was everywhere as tweets flew backwards and forwards and the world knew the name of the un-named. While the newspapers were gagged over spilling the name, social media space was wide open.

Pretty soon twitter was being cited as an invasion of privacy and rumours flew that tweeters could be arrested over tweets.  Crazy stuff was happenning in the world of media…

and then some…

When news was leaked that The News Of The world had hired private detectives to hack the phones of people at the centre of high profile stories, the world was shocked to the core. With angry and disgusted tweets flying out incessantly it didn’t take long for a statement to come saying the newspaper was closing. A newspaper that had ran for 168 years was closing because of public out cry. A victory of sorts? Justice for the people who had been hacked? Time will tell.

What is hugely apparent though is this, never have we lived in such a radical time. Digital gypsies are  the forerunners of a world were current conversation leads and cannot be ignored. Back in the day we did not have this outreach, we would have had to have a meeting to share this information, send a letter, an email, a fax, a text. Now via twitter, forums, chat rooms and blogs we all have the chance to get together to discuss and share information immediately. Right now.

I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before our social media space is censored? Because surely it will be. The answer is probably not too long, with trending topics already falling foul to censoring, surely our tweets will not be far behind.

As a Social Media junkie, the last few weeks have been awesome to behold. So for now, enjoy the revolution that has begun from our desks.

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