Why Friends are Better Than Ice-Cream

When you are newly single, it’s natural to look back and miss what you left behind. If you read this blog you will know this happened to me recently. As thoughts whizz through your head, I am a real advocate of listening to the right things. Positive things. There is no better time ever thanContinue reading “Why Friends are Better Than Ice-Cream”

The Perils of Online Dating

I’ve been dead against internet dating all my single years and despite being tech savvy, digitally minded, happy to connect to any random joe for business via the wonderful Twitter, I’ve always disliked internet dating. But I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. Why? I’m sure you all know someone whoContinue reading “The Perils of Online Dating”

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner! Salsa!

(I’m pre warning you that this might be one of my most exclamation marked posts!) When you are single in Edinburgh where do you go to have fun? There are many different options and being this person at the moment I am keen to explore as many activities as possible. (Stand by for some entertainingContinue reading “Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner! Salsa!”

How To Survive A New Romance.

Urgh! genuinely right now – Urgh is all I have to say about this. I don’t want to be dating again. I feel like I’ve been dating FOREVER.  I am not sure if I will become Edinburgh’s most famous single person but here’s to trying. In short, I simply can’t be bothered to go throughContinue reading “How To Survive A New Romance.”