Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner! Salsa!

(I’m pre warning you that this might be one of my most exclamation marked posts!)

When you are single in Edinburgh where do you go to have fun? There are many different options and being this person at the moment I am keen to explore as many activities as possible. (Stand by for some entertaining blog posts!)

I have been keen to try Salsa for some time now, I love dancing!!! I threw out a status update on Facebook and immediately a message hit my personal messages. “Go to see Orlando!”

Orlando runs Salsa classes at La Tasca on Thursdays for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Now I’d seen dirty dancing, I was sure I could salsa! but after stern talks we agreed, to attend the beginners not advanced Salsa class.

Besties getting ready to Sa sa sa sa salsa - Don't put your heel down!!
Besties getting ready to Sa sa sa sa salsa – Don’t put your heel down!!

Armed with my two Edinburgh besties I arrived at North Charlotte Street, (just down from the Roxburgh Hotel) prepared for an hour of hip wiggling.

There were about 10 of us all together, a mixed bunch of males, females and ages. All at beginner level. We started off and in no time at all, our feet, hips and shoulders were swaying to the beats. It was great fun.

Class finished up, we’d made some new friends and we headed for food to nearby George Street and The Living Room.

Over dinner we chatted about how much fun it had been, after a few bottles of wine (them not me) we declared we were good enough to go to the club that runs after the classes. It started at 10pm and by 10.45pm we were ready to samba our way there.

I am getting spun around by Orlando - "don't put your heel down!"
I am getting spun around by Orlando – “don’t put your heel down!”

The club was semi busy which was great for us newbies as there was space to NOT step on any toes!The thing about Salsa is that you could be as dramatic and theatrical or subdue as you liked. We opted for theatrical and Baby and Johnny’d our way around the dance floor 😀

We danced our way over the next few hours and left with red cheeks and tighter calves.

What I liked most about salsa was the fact you could dance with guys but you were just dancing, there was no hidden agendas, or at least I didn’t find any. The Salsa crowd are there to dance, I guess if you meet any one that’s just an extra perk. We went to dance, and dance we did!! It’s old fashioned, in between dances, you sit around the floor and people can come up and ask you, it is fab!! I loved it!

As Orlando said, it was important to learn to dance on your own so when you go to a club you didn’t need a partner, you could still enjoy the dance. So Salsa is maybe not a dating option for the ones who are only interested in the destination not the journey 😉

Salsa was fun. We’re hooked. We’ve plans to go back. If you’re interested to try, we tried the classes at La Tasca run by Orlando on a Thursday. You can find out more information on other classes and times at this website.

Ps What do you wear to Salsa you ask? We were all undecided, Sara-Lea, a Salsa pro (she’d been before) advised leggings and heels for the gals. Barry said he’d be coming from work so would be in shirt and trousers, we told him to roll up his sleeves, unbutton his shirt and let the rug do the talking. (Turns out it’s a chatty rug, especially after wine 😉 )

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