A little Taco Tale

Back in the looooong ago days when I first ever ever joined Twitter one of the first people I spoke to was Jack of Californian taco and burrito eaterie, Illegal Jacks.

Jack has done an amazing job creating a loyal following online and offline. Any new business wanting to be successful online, would be doing themselves a favour having a word with the man behind Illegal Jacks. (let’s call him Jack, why not!)


So, being not really a foodie or a food blogger, a post about illegal jacks may be seen as fishy but my angle is photography, not food. I love food and all that but I find it incredibly boring to write about, though I devour a good food blog as well as the next gal. However, as a warning, this year I will be flourishing this blog with a few food related posts. Be warned!!

For my recent college photography project we had to tell a story via pictures. I chose to tell the story of the burrito. A few college friends asked what a burrito was, I knew I was on the right track. Bringing that project here, is then, no bad thing.

Enjoy the photos, I enjoyed taking them! And if you are in the neighbourhood head there yourself!! It’s fab!!

ps The reason it’s called the taco tale is because it’s what I eat when I go there, i cannot finish a burrito!!!

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