ryanFellas beware and ladies prepare!

After a Ryan Gosling mini festival, I watched Blue Valentine, Fracture, Drive, Gangster Squad within days ( I like doing this, all cosy on the sofa, ahhhh!) and settled down to watch The Ides of March. Ten minutes in I’d realised i’d already seen it. Funny because i usually remember films i’ve seen. So, gutted I was and turned off it was. Then a week later I tuned in to Lars and the Real Girl, and Half Nelson. I even threw in a replay of Crazy, Stupid, Love as it made me pee my pants laughing last time. ( And in an update i caught Place beyond the Pines at the Glasgow film festival)

Safe to say I’ve covered a lot of Ryan Goslings talents.

I think I am starting to cultivate a little crush on our kid Ryan. There’s something about him. And not the obvious. I like his acting. He always seems to be cast as a hapless character, it made me think of Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses. (Only I could make this connection, I assure you).

I was chatting with a fellow film student and we both agreed that he’s taken the same path as Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, in that as a ‘pretty boy’ actor he does not go for pretty boy films. I’d like to see him stretched a little more, there’s much more to RG.

He’s the sort of actor, as a director, you would love to work with. I loved him in Blue Valentine, Drive and Crazy, Stupid Love most of all. I think he has a lot more to give. I’m interested to see where he goes next.

While he has the likes of The Notebook, and Crazy, Stupid, Love in his film closet, and of course, he’s an actor, he’s got to get paid, and while is the natural choice for the love interest, he seems set for a different path. A serious acting path and dare I say along the lines of Ben Affleck and his recent directorial path. I don’t think this is far off for Ryan. You heard it here first. (unofficially)

Hurry up Ryan, make some more films. And if on the off chance you swing by Edinburgh, drop in and see me, I’d be happy to cast you in something off-beat.

*crosses fingers, brushes teeth, combs hair, puts on kettle, bakes cookies, smiles*

4 responses to “I Heart Ryan Gosling”

  1. Steve Christie Avatar

    How did you manage to see Gangster Squad at home? Naughty Naughty! 😉

    1. iamkarlie Avatar

      no no cineworld card!! also saw Django Unchained, and Les Mis !! I LIKE getting out of the house!! 😀

  2. jambags38 Avatar

    You should watch Half Nelson if you haven’t already. Bit different but equally excellent dose of Gosling. Cracking film, too.

    1. iamkarlie Avatar

      Ok, will do and report back 🙂

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