Why Friends are Better Than Ice-Cream


When you are newly single, it’s natural to look back and miss what you left behind. If you read this blog you will know this happened to me recently. As thoughts whizz through your head, I am a real advocate of listening to the right things. Positive things. There is no better time ever than when your friends come into their own for you.

Your friends help by telling you positive things, and while they may not necessarily be true, they help massively in helping you move on, these are my favourite ones,

  • He was not good enough for you.
  • You were too good for him.
  • He wasn’t ready for your brilliance.
  • We never liked him anyway.
  • He was punching above his weight.
  • You will meet someone better.
  • He’s obviously gay/mad/emigrating
  • It’s his loss.

That is my favorite and the one that I do believe. No-one, no-one, leaves your life who was meant to be in it. While I am very much a ‘go out and get what you want’ person and I love that you connect with some people on a deeper level and it makes everything shiny, if they choose to walk a different path than you you have to let them go. Your future is not tied to anyone.

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