Edinburgh’s Christmas Winter Wonderland

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Ahhhh Christmas, such a lovely time of year. A time so wonderful it will even entice the laziest of bloggers, Moi, out of coupledom and back onto page.

The gardens have been taken over by the Underbelly group this year, a name you may recognise from the Fringe Festival. A name which evokes images of purple cows, late nights, beer in plastic cups, and well, just purple. One thing is for sure, these guys know Edinburgh and they know how to party. So, while I have been happy to leave the Winter Wonderland visit to the children’s Dad in previous years, I have been very excited about this new Edinburgh Christmas.

I hit the Princes Street Gardens with my daughter and one of her chums. We wanted lights, sparkle and excitement. I mostly wanted Gluhwein! What? It was after 5! Oh shut up.

We at first tried the Ferris wheel, the chatter with the girls being that it’s heated and better than last year. At £6 a ticket, I was already impressed. Memories of paying a crazy amount to sit in a tiny egg shape, rocking precariously in the Edinburgh wind, freezing my tits off, trying to smile and say ‘look at the pretty lights’ to equally numb with cold children, through chattering teeth, came back to me. But no, not this time. Instead it’s a pleasure, you can see all over Edinburgh, you can see the pretty lights!

photo 8

We walked through the assortment of huts, housing the German market. The choice is varied, there are enough stalls to cater for every taste and not all are Christmas themed, and more importantly, none seem to be selling, (in short) ‘tat’. The hat stalls in particular are fun, not only because my Friend Ted works there; Hashtag – Hugs a plenty!  (say Hey if you are passing)

photo 5

After being joined at the carousel by the Beau, we watched and waved as the girls went merrily round and round. Then we headed along to the Christmas tree maze, the girls ran off, giggling. They emerged minutes later, full of themselves that they had completed the maze so quickly. We then took the Santa train and went off on a little journey, choo choo!

photo 1

At 11, the girls were maybe too old but it didn’t stop them enjoying it as part of the Christmas fun. I rather enjoyed it myself and the boy was definitely smiling.

We finished the night off at Pizza Hut on Hanover St, the food at the market not really being anything the girls would eat, and it was good to get into the warmth again.

photo 9

All in all the gardens visit was great fun, some points of note were two guys, so obviously over 20 trying to buy Gluhwein, and being asked for ID, then refused drink when they failed to produce any. Not exactly the spirit of Christmas. And when buying Gluhwein being told I had to pay an extra £2 for the mug I was drinking it out of. I’m all for recycling and saving resources and I was assured i’d get my £2 back when I returned my mug, still, seriously? But these are little things, it’s definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been before or even if you have and not gone back because of that visit. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas down there

photo 6

Well done Underbelly!

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