Hello January, Hello 2014!

I thought I’d start this year off with some inspiration, while we need it all year round, January is a great month to kick start things.

Towards the end of 2012, an author named Susan Jeffers lost her battle with cancer. For those of you unfamiliar with her name; Susan Jeffers wrote the book, ‘Feel the fear and Do it Anyway’
In a nutshell, and doing it absolutely no justice, the book details the fact that there will always be fear in life and once you accept that fear as a separate entity, you can move through it.

Picking up that book in my 20’s, was such an empowering moment for that young me. The more I sought to gain experiences, learn and grow, the more scary, hair raising, spine-tingling, nail biting moments there would be. They would go hand in hand. But they would only be brief, short lived and easily forgotten as I moved onto the next challenges and bigger fears. I’ve lived this for many years, extremely thankful for the nudges and affirmations. Alongside, The Secret, this book stays with me and I wanted to take a moment to share it with you there. Maybe you have similar feelings and it’s the right time for you to read these words. Everything happens for a reason.

I reminded myself of this ‘Feel the Fear’ motto as the clock began ticking towards 2014. While those if you who know me will think I’m mad, I’ve often had moments where I’ve felt like I’m not doing enough with my life, I’m not working or living to my best potential and if anything will push me towards melancholy feelings it’s those thoughts. I could be doing more. I should be doing more.

Last year I resolved to kick back on my heels a little and chill out. Last year was a year for me to relax. Turns out I’m happiest juggling things (and I have a lot to juggle!!). My independent streak at the forefront, I’ve tried to find a good balance and I think I’m there. I’ve learnt enough to roll with whatever comes my way, and so this year is about challenges and stretching myself even more.

Usually this blog would host a list of ten resolutions to carry out over the year, spurred on by my friend Ian. Maybe we’ve grown up this year (NEVEEEER!) but we didn’t confer and make lists.

I, however, am making a list, to coincide with my big birthday. My list for this year, when finished, will have 40 new things ticked off. Surprisingly it’s hard to think of forty new things, so feel free to suggest!!

I’ve covered lots already. I know what I do and don’t want to do. There’ll be no bungee jumping or sky-diving as these are not fears, I’ve had my opportunities to do these and declined. It’s more eye opening experiences, places and faces.

Join me if you will, they say it’s never too late to start again, write a new page, be a new you, try something new. Life is too short to sit around feeling the fear and not doing anything, right? Xx


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