How To Write A Successful Screenplay


This week I was added to a list of Screen Writers to watch. I know, exciting right!

I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you some of my top tips on how to write a successful screenplay; and what it is like in a day in the life of a supercool screenplay writer.

7am) Get up in morning and feel inspired. To encourage creativity, meditate and visualise successful screenplay writing.
10am) End visualisation and head to yoga class to relax and inspire self some more. Get in touch with inner goddess, and creative genius lurking under the surface. Understand creative genius doesn’t come out on command and is techy little fecker. Think of treats for CG (Aka TF)
12noon) Coax creative genius out of hiding with coffee shop visit, reward CG with just new out flavour, summer; caramel macchiato, winter, pumpkin spiced latte.
12.15pm) Add cookie to list of treats. Same second latte.
12,33pm) Eat cookie while turning on MacBook. (MacBook and coffee shop essential tools for successful screenplay creation, also new boots and scarf, then can appear wistful and stylish)
12.34pm) Settle down to MacBook and search internet for inspiring quotes to add as screensaver, power quotes like, ” you are your own destiny” and “any which way but lose”. Maybe scrap Clint Eastwood film titles as not always make good quotes. Check in on emails and Facebook and Twitter in case missing anything. Also check new boots and scarves, can never look too stylish or wistful.
4pm) Gaze at reflection in window and wonder that passerby will think you are successful screenplay writer. Adopt air of serenity and accomplishment. Eat fourth cookie.
6pm) Leave coffee shop. Spend evening pinning inspiring quotes on wall and power meditating.
9pm) Look over notes of potential story lines and drink coffee so can power through the night writing.
10.05pm) Laugh and chat with friends on Facebook and Twitter as inspiration and good mood inducing. Think feck when look at clock and it’s 3am. Resolve to write tomorrow, after yoga. Coffee shop would be best place to coax creative genius out of hiding. They can be techy little feckers after all. Set alarm for 7am.

Might be on that list some time…

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