Pout Event Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s corn exchange played host once again to Pout.
A weekend event full of fashion, beauty, health and SHOPPING!

20130925-173915.jpg Beauty Products on display from Norton House Spa.

Myself and a friend happily spent 4 hours walking around the hall going from stand to stand, in between chatting, we sipped on a delicious Cointreau cocktail, munched some yummy street food, had an amaze neck massage and were almost tempted to have our hair and nails done.


My wonderful friend Julie-Ann, was taking part in the fashion show and we whooped when she came out on stage for Debenhans winter collection.

We both had a test of semi-permanent eyebrows, they were easy to apply and looked awesome. Big defined eyebrows are so in right now, and as blondes we lack a dark brow. It was nice catching a trick there!

All in all Pout is a great day out. Go early, and plan your day well. Most exhibitors have freebies/tests, but bring cash because there are so many cool beauty products reduced on the day.

The best investment I made was for a neck massage and Chiropractor’s full assessment, a third if the price if booked on the day! (More to follow in that visit)


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