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So, how pants am I? You could be fooled into thinking pretty much so if you take these blog updates as anything to go by. However, I juggle a lot of things singlehandedly, so actually, sometimes, I think i’m pretty badass. But you don’t get to be badass without a good support network, and IContinue reading “Get Your SWAG on Bloggers”

Pout Event Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s corn exchange played host once again to Pout. A weekend event full of fashion, beauty, health and SHOPPING! Beauty Products on display from Norton House Spa. Myself and a friend happily spent 4 hours walking around the hall going from stand to stand, in between chatting, we sipped on a delicious Cointreau cocktail, munchedContinue reading “Pout Event Edinburgh”

Vintage Hair Stop Motion

This is little Stop Motion video I made for my lovely friends at Broughton Place Hair and Beauty. They opened their doors a few months ago and I dropped in for a colour correction, remember that blog post? Anne has masses of hair experience and specialises in Vintage hair and wedding hair ups. Go seeContinue reading “Vintage Hair Stop Motion”

Face Time Baby!!

Hello, Good morning and all that! Are you awake? I’m talking to the girls mainly here, but boys if you want to bring a smile to the Missus’ face, and a sparkling sheen then you simply HAVE to follow these instructions!! Or, do it for yourself, choose TODAY to be the day you become all Metrosexual 🙂 LatelyContinue reading “Face Time Baby!!”

Beautiful You.

I have been writing my top tips for beauty on and I have to admit it’s not been easy. I’ve had to think long and hard what beauty is, as it means different things to different people. Universally we agree that beauty is known to be mainly – in the eye of the beholder,Continue reading “Beautiful You.”

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