So Glam

So, how pants am I? You could be fooled into thinking pretty much so if you take these blog updates as anything to go by.

However, I juggle a lot of things singlehandedly, so actually, sometimes, I think i’m pretty badass.

But you don’t get to be badass without a good support network, and I am blessed to know and work with a big bunch of creative geniuses. I adore working in a team, (maybe because I come from a big family?) and so, I was always keen to make a one stop shop for bloggers in Scotland. One of the reasons I’ve not been updating this here blog recently as that my efforts have been going to The SWAG Guide.

The concept for The SWAG Guide was born many years ago, and after a few tweaks, tears and rebuilds, we are on track to provide an online Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Events, Travel and Sports resource for Scottish Wives And Girlfriends. (Did you see what we did there?)

Bloggers from EVERYWHERE in Scotland, please contact us at or if you want to get personal, And if you don’t blog but know someone who wants to, then put them in touch!

All ideas are welcomed, the fun starts soon, will you be involved?




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