January To Do List

to do list

1) Keep up to date on this blog. (Failing so far!)

2) Build New Website for ANOTHER Blog site. ( Grrrrrr web designers, grrrrrr…)

3) Create content for New Media Production Co. ( In Hand. Insert smiley face here)

4) Do, extremely, well in HND assessments. (Crosses fingers)

5) Be awesome, inspiring, dynamic Mother figure to own children. (Crosses fingers)

6) Plan year ahead, month by month, so do not only get behind on excessive work load but finish year ahead of self ( Downloads Timeful app and crosses fingers)

7) Meditate (Ommmmmmmm)

8) Go to gym. (Um?)

9) Make vow to not spend as long on Social Media Platforms. (Downloads Tunepics and spends more time on Instagram engagement)

10) Make a monthly list of things to do so actually accomplish them and not just look back and think fuck. (Check. Insert smiley face here)

Check out my first ever New Year, New Me, Prediction!

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