On more than one occasion, by more than one person, i’ve been called Tenacious. It came back into my life this weekend, and as I twirled it around in my mouth, I thought of the pros and cons that come with this as your tagline.

We’re all a little bit narcissistic in that we like our characters being discussed, and hey, it could have been worse. the B word, the C word, so isn’t it lovely to be called the T word? Tenacious. Google it, basically it means determined, a fact I, and most people who know me, will agree on. Oh aren’t I just so fucking fabulous?! *eye rooooooooooooll*

But what about those days when I don’t feel so fabulous and the mountain of work looms over me like the shadows of Kilimanjaro or Everest? (still on the list, still on the list)

Tenacity can be a flaw, being about to let go and just chill out can actually be quite hard. Especially when the work load has to be done as there’s no-one else who can or will do it for you.

Determination is a great business skill to have without a doubt, but what about those days when you don’t want to think business and instead you want to crawl under the covers, eat pizza, watch movies and stay there. Down time and switching off is very important and good for the soul. It’s no coincidence that I am drawn to people who make me laugh, it’s pure medicine for me with this work addiction I have.

I talk to a lot of entrenpreneurs about switching off, in these early days of tying everything down to within an inch of its life, it’s a hard thing to do. And I know I have it super tough right now, as I’m not only launching one business, but two, and this clever idea to get a degree FOR MYSELF doesn’t feel so clever right now, and the very fact I am having a creative spurt and am finding myself in the early hours of the morning back to writing ‘that book’ again, alongside working on a format for blogging masterclasses I’ve been asked to do, the short Noir film I’m directing, the Christmas Feature film i’ve been asked to help out on, and the 3-4 videos I’m producing, I could punch myself in the face for being ‘tenacious’.

Excuse me, but I’m having one of those weeks, the toll of my workload is making me moan a little. But I stand firm, tenacious even, as I know I will get through it. Maybe i’ll cancel a few events. Maybe i’ll go get drunk with my friends and dance inappropriately. Maybe i’ll stay under the covers, eat pizza, watch movies and stay there. Maybe I won’t write a damn thing, (this is a lie). Maybe i’ll eat clean, ramp up on the yoga and meditation. It’s this I’ll most likely do, as healthy body, healthy mind and all that.

Whatever I do, I know the way out from underneath this shadow, heck by the time this post is published I might even be laughing my tits off somewhere. Because that’s the thing about being tenacious, you don’t ever quit. It’s not an option.

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