I’m Bloody Ibiza!

On more than one occasion, by more than one person, i’ve been called Tenacious. It came back into my life this weekend, and as I twirled it around in my mouth, I thought of the pros and cons that come with this as your tagline. We’re all a little bit narcissistic in that we likeContinue reading “I’m Bloody Ibiza!”

Jonathan Sothcott – Leading the Film Making Revolution

It’s not often in life I meet someone I would like to be, but Jonathan Sothcott is currently just that. He’s become my hero of late, so I was chuffed beyond chuffed to grab an interview with him. Film making is an old business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach an old dog newContinue reading “Jonathan Sothcott – Leading the Film Making Revolution”

Okay, I Admit it, I’m In Love….

Everyone always says that you only fall in love when you stop looking. If you don’t force it, if you stop looking, that’s when it turns up. I’m surprised, I have to say. A few days ago, out of the blue I realised it had happened. I was in love, I am in love. I’veContinue reading “Okay, I Admit it, I’m In Love….”

A real Jim’ll fix up?

Now then, now then, now then…. Some time in the 80’s, my parents living room floor. We all sit close together, I shoot a look to the left and the right, we all have our fingers crossed. Stuart, Grant, Jay and Me. “I hope it’s today” says Grant and we all immediately “shhh” him. OurContinue reading “A real Jim’ll fix up?”

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