A real Jim’ll fix up?

Now then, now then, now then….

Some time in the 80’s, my parents living room floor.

We all sit close together, I shoot a look to the left and the right, we all have our fingers crossed. Stuart, Grant, Jay and Me. “I hope it’s today” says Grant and we all immediately “shhh” him. Our faces are illuminated by the reflection of the TV. Usually a tumbling mess of name calling, scruffy clothes and punching, we are a unified rank right now. We are waiting for Jim to fix it for us. Our letter was sent some weeks ago. We want to fight with the Karate Kid. Maybe today Jim will read out our letter and we’ll get one of those badges.

Forward to today and I’m making my morning coffee, listening to the radio when it comes over the airwaves that this icon of my youth allegedly molested a brain damaged girl. This is the latest in what is proving to be a very long list of abuse claims.

He’s no longer who I, and countless other children, all grown up now, thought he was. I don’t recognise this guy. Sure i’d seen the documentary with Louie Theroux and thought he was weird. But part of becoming an adult is realsing most people have idiosyncrasies. No one is perfect, but this guy? Wow. The claims are horrific and my heart goes out to anyone involved.
The question going through my mind is, who is accountable? The guy is long gone. Is there any justice for his alleged victims? Although the gate is being shut after the horse has bolted, the impact is surely going to be felt.

I can’t help but wonder what effect this will have on the BBC. As a trainee producer of Film, TV and Radio, the BBC is very much part of my day to day. Securing a role with the BBC would have a massive positive impact on my career and my fellow students.

The BBC is accountable to us as tax payers, TV license fees need to be justified.

I look to the recent disintegration of the News Of The World, and wonder if this is a shot at damaging the mighty Beeb. Not a conspiracy theory as such but more one of those revolving questions like do we need a monarchy? Do we need to pay money to the BBC?

Is this, the start of it’s downfall?

The BBC’s authority to exist is granted by the Royal Charter, it comes up for renewal in 2017. By then, what kind of media world will we have? Our world is becoming more digital, online and mobile every day. As a future producer of media content this is something I have to consider. What medium will we be producing for?

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