Karlie v Vintage?

I directed this stop motion video for my friends salon earlier in the year and have always been fascinated by the way vintage looks on other people. The little video contains my lovely friend Juliet, with hair done by Anne Wilson at Broughton Place Hair and Beauty. Two of my good friends pull it offContinue reading “Karlie v Vintage?”

Catch Up With Mark Greenaway (Celebrity Chef)

I have known Mark for some years now and always joke with him about being a Celebrity Chef, a title he quickly shrugs off with his famous chuckle. Without a doubt Mark is a Celebrity Chef and whether he likes it or not, his star is rising. Mark always fascinates me as he always hasContinue reading “Catch Up With Mark Greenaway (Celebrity Chef)”

Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh

I don’t want to spoilt this film so all I’m going to say is that it’s a bloody good British film, go and see it, (and go and see it at the Cameo). As a typical girl, there’s a few parts were┬áI hid behind my hands, which you need for the story to work, soContinue reading “Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh”

A real Jim’ll fix up?

Now then, now then, now then…. Some time in the 80’s, my parents living room floor. We all sit close together, I shoot a look to the left and the right, we all have our fingers crossed. Stuart, Grant, Jay and Me. “I hope it’s today” says Grant and we all immediately “shhh” him. OurContinue reading “A real Jim’ll fix up?”

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