I’m Bloody Ibiza!

On more than one occasion, by more than one person, i’ve been called Tenacious. It came back into my life this weekend, and as I twirled it around in my mouth, I thought of the pros and cons that come with this as your tagline. We’re all a little bit narcissistic in that we likeContinue reading “I’m Bloody Ibiza!”

Bootleg Film Festival and Virgin Media Shorts

Wowee what a week! Aside from all the important everyday, (2 children, 3 clients, 1 job, 1 HND course, and a social life); two important things have happened. First up was my friend John McPhail, getting his short film, ‘Just say Hi’, short listed in the Virgin Media Short film competition. 850 films streamlined downContinue reading “Bootleg Film Festival and Virgin Media Shorts”

Vintage Hair Stop Motion

This is little Stop Motion video I made for my lovely friends at Broughton Place Hair and Beauty. They opened their doors a few months ago and I dropped in for a colour correction, remember that blog post? Anne has masses of hair experience and specialises in Vintage hair and wedding hair ups. Go seeContinue reading “Vintage Hair Stop Motion”

The Conjuring

Oooh, feeling all excited! Went to see The Conjuring tonight with B and almost made it to the end! And before you start saying anything, I had to leave because I was meeting someone. Not because I was scared!! This is a turnaround for me. As a rule I don’t watch horror movies, but theContinue reading “The Conjuring”

It’s Been Some Time

Well, well, well… It has been some time people! Like most things in life, blogging becomes a habit and on the flipside not blogging also becomes a habit. I’ve no real excuse and so, for those of you wondering what I’ve been up to I’ll do a quick round up – films and life. IContinue reading “It’s Been Some Time”

Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Misplaced the programme for The Edinburgh Short Film festival? Well here’s a useful link Edinburgh short film festival Action to animation and no longer than ten minutes a film, the short film festival is a must see this weekend 7-9th June. So if you’re in Edinburgh, make sure you head to Summerhall or the GranaryContinue reading “Edinburgh Short Film Festival”

The Great Gatsby

It was with trepidation and nerves I headed to see The Great Gatsby this weekend. Having read the reviews and heard second hand a few times ‘it’s not meant to be good’ it was understandable. The F Scott Fitzgerald book is one of my favourites, and Baz Lurhmann? I just LOVE what he does withContinue reading “The Great Gatsby”

My Friends and Me – Top 10 Films of All Time

Choosing your top ten films of all time has to be one of the hardest things to do. If you love film on any level then you may as well try to ask yourself which of your children you love more. However, today, we attempted this. Myself and five friends have noted a list ofContinue reading “My Friends and Me – Top 10 Films of All Time”

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