Beautiful You.

I have been writing my top tips for beauty on and I have to admit it’s not been easy. I’ve had to think long and hard what beauty is, as it means different things to different people. Universally we agree that beauty is known to be mainly – in the eye of the beholder, Skin deep and coming from within. My top tip for beauty is therefore confidence.

The way someone holds themselves, the way they act, the way they are, their very essence can equally be perceived as  beautiful as the way they look. The key to this is confidence. Being confident in who you are is such an important thing and it should be protected.

We can all hang around with people who make us in turn feel confident and good about ourselves and people who don’t. Years ago I read The Celestine Prophecy, a book I loved for many reasons. It talks about intuition, coincidences and how different peoples energies are good and bad for you. We all have people who when we meet, literally seem to drain the life out of us and those who make us happy, shiny and bouncy. The Celestine Prophecy talks about steering clear of the people who drain you and stay around the ones who fill you with happiness. While it may seem a bit ‘new age’  it’s common sense really.

Sometimes, however you can be tied to the people who are draining your energy and walking away may not be so easy. This is no more so apparent than in a relationship.  While relationships have their ups and downs, when a relationship is bringing you down you need to run for your life. Or rather your confidence! When something goes bad it can take your confidence away and if you’re a certain kind of person you start to think you have done something wrong, or you can do something right.

I was reading an interview recently with Marina and The Diamonds and talking of a past relationship she said she always felt unattractive as the guy she was dating basically wasn’t really into her. They broke up eventually and some years later she said she looked at pictures from their time together and felt sad as she thought she actually looked quite nice.

I have so many friends caught in that trap, thinking they can do something to make a person more ‘into them’ but this is such a shame as there is nothing wrong with them. Remember that life is in continuous motion.  Insecurity and fear can leave you stuck in one place, unable to move forward, move on. To move on you need to be confident. When you are confident in yourself you are winning.  I’ve said before my confidence is my biggest asset, without a doubt. I truly believe it’s the key to happiness so keep yours at all costs.

Confidence makes you beautifully You.

Mwah mwah xx

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