For all you girls who don’t understand Football……

We’re girls, we like pretty things, shoes, boys, clothes and pictures and some of us like to think we have a little bit more knowledge of football than just what David Beckham looks like in his pants.
I’m one of these girls.
I know the off side rule.
I do.
With the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea fast approaching, surprise the guy in your life with your supreme Cup Final Knowledge. Use this pretty picture to roll off snippets of ‘remember that Drogba Goal in 2009? that was a peach!’ and ‘Hmmm shame Lampard got a yellow card in 2008’ they will be amazed and probably buy you new shoes!! Win win!!
And do scroll to the end, there is a naked picture of David Beckham!! Woo Hoo!!!

You had to check didn’t you! Take your filthy mind out of here!
Mwah mwah xx

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