Some Things About Cars For Girls.

Cartoon Car!
Cartoon Car!

A few weeks ago my car broke down. At a crossing, in rush hour.

I was saved by four police men, who had nicely come to fine me for stopping my car on said crossing and using my phone. Rolling down my window with full, switched on, feminine effect, fluttering eyelashes I relayed my story. The truth, not the lashes, got me out of a hefty fine. And the kind officers helped me move my car to a safer place. Then I called my friend who left work and dashed to my aid, bringing the number of the AA with her. Sadly the car wasn’t fixable at the curbside and had to be towed to my local garage. Bad times.

Surviving without a car for two weeks was hell. Badder times.

I am glad I now have my wheels back. As with everything in my life, there were a few lessons and things worth noting, so, here you go!

1) The AA are very helpful and very reasonable. Not being someone who has used them before, ever, I was really impressed. The particular guy was very helpful. Told me everything clearly in girl language, and told me what he could do.

2) Timing belts need changed when the local garage says, and you should not ‘wing it’ for two years otherwise you could break down and lose said car. If that does happen the AA are very helpful.

Punch Car!
Punch Car!

3) If you are going to wing it for two years with your car, have emergency stash of cash ready to buy new car or keep fingers crossed for some magic.

4) Believe in magic.

5) Car websites do not list cars by colour. Seriously, they don’t. But they should. There is a gap in the market. You heard it here first. Women do not care about engine speed, size or capacity. We do not care about mileage, miles per gallon, mile per kilo or mile high clubs, (just checking if you were paying attention). We know if the lights turn on we need petrol, we know if the oil light comes on, it makes a strange sound, it stops or it doesn’t start to go find a male of the species to fix it. We have adapted our ways to be able to drive the things, we just want to know if it will match our shoes, bag and make our friends #welljel.

6) Even if you know what the inside of a car bonnet looks like and are able to ‘pop the hood’, (yes I said that with a straight face) everything under the bonnet is impossible to get off without help of male of the species, or strong female friend you’ve always wondered about.

Shoe Car!
Shoe Car!

7) When buying a car and seller says the price, be in on the joke that you both know you’re not going to pay that and barter with each other. Starting with, ‘what do you think is a fair price’ will usually bring an honest-ish answer. Still try lower. Flutter eyelashes.

8) Car insurance companies should send out regular supplies of  fake eyelashes and mascara as part of your insurance plan.

9) Car insurance companies take your suggestions seriously. Dave from the call centre was rather enthused by my mascara idea.

10) Men of the species love to help women with cars. And fluttering eyelashes.

I want to say ‘Stay classy San Diego!’ but that’s not my tag line, I need a tag line! *googles tag lines*

Mwah mwah x (see what I did there!)

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