Light bulb! A Hugh Grant Moment. (no, not that one).

I love Despicable Me, love the little minions and Gru, he’s funny!! I love funny things, things that make me smile, including big packs of Revels, Russell Brand, serendipity and I especially love it when I get an idea! Just like Gru I have that ‘Light Bulb!’ moment and immediately scribble down notes or the bones of ‘something’

What I don’t like, aside from scary films, the word pity and hot tuna, is when that idea disappears from your mind! Something distracts you and you lose your thread. It happened to me this week and you would think after years of writing and ideas, I would have learnt to abandon EVERYTHING and get set go. But, no.

I was travelling back from a weekend in London and had an engaged mind, I was toying with this theory that life was like moulds. We work towards a certain mould we like. It was insightful and enlightening and for some reason I was going through it in my head in Hugh Grant’s voice at the start of Love Actually. (also on my love list, both, if you’re wondering, especially when he does that bit in Mickey Blue Eyes, you know the one I mean, you don’t? Oh forgeddaboutdit then 😉 ). Well anyway, then I lost my glasses and spent a silly few minutes looking for them. Silly for two reasons. 1) they were on my head all the time and 2) because when it was pointed out to me they were on my head, to not look silly, I laughed and said oh no, I mean my sunglasses.  This casual statement was followed by me sitting on the train in broad daylight and wearing said sunglasses to not look STUPID. I harbored a notion I had failed somewhat in this. But hey, I was wearing sunglasses, they make you look cool don’t they!? And sexy!

After a safe 20 minutes or so of said sunglasses wearing and crossing my fingers the guy would go to the buffet cart or loo so I could take them off, I figured I could go back to the laptop and start tapping the keys with my awesome post for you lot to read and say, oh yes, that does make sense, how frightfully clever of her. However, it was gone. I went over and over it in my head, in Hugh Grant’s voice at the start of Love Actually (both on my love list, but you already know that)  ‘Life is like a series of moulds….’  Life, is like a series of moulds…’, ‘whenever I get gloomy about the state of the world I think life is like moulds…’,  but nada. nichts, nothing come through. I started to swear a little in my head, f f f f f f f and was reminded of Hugh Grant at the start of Four weddings and a Funeral. I also started to wonder why Hugh Grant was figuring so much in my life when a) I don’t like him that much b) no seriously, I don’t. c) okay maybe his voice does something to me but still, it was strange. All I needed to do now was to spill orange juice over some famous movie star, dance on the stairs on No.10 and hit Colin Firth, which I would never do. (the latter obviously, the former is a prerequisite of hanging out with me, you take your chances that I put my drink down when gesticulating wildly while relating a story and the middle bit, don’t put it past me)

So anyway, there I was, despite doing all the things all writers do, (ie sleeping with paper beside bed, always carrying paper and pen around, pretending you’re writing when really you’re googling yourself), with no further thread for life being like moulds, it had disappeared forever. It taught me a lesson that I should always drop everything, even a small child, to write my wondrous ideas down. If i’m going to really impress you lot, I have to keep going. stop forgetting stuff and join a Hugh Grant Anonymous group.

mwah mwah x

2 responses to “Light bulb! A Hugh Grant Moment. (no, not that one).”

  1. colingilchrist Avatar

    Apart from delighting in your random associations, am highly amused at your lack of realisation that you clearly need Hugh Grant in your life. Very entertaining, thank you!

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Haha, thank you Colin 🙂

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