Spamming and the Internet

It never cease to amaze me that most of the adult population do not realise that people lie.
While people lie about lots of things, there’s no bigger place for lies than on the Internet.

As a parent I teach my children about online safety, outside safety and general safety.
Seems most of my Facebook friends could listen in on these briefings.

I’m fed up seeing pictures that need liked or shared to help the people in them. Same free iPads, same iPhones etc

People of the Internet…. People on the Internet LIE!

Just like your ex lied about seeing another girl, your boss lied about that promotion or you lied about eating the last of the malteasers, they’re lying about giving you a free iPad.

In the internetting world it’s called spamming.

Not sure why it’s called that, maybe reminiscent of old school dinners and the shudders you felt on spam day?

True fact, where there is a buck to be made, there is a buck being made.

Most of us have been internetting for years, we must know by now. However I was caught out today. A share for heart attack care. I didn’t check, I just shared. Doh! Proved false. So, it’s acceptable to be drawn in, but please practise caution.

Weigh up what they get out of it, and what you get out of it.





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