#Selfie Love

You may have heard people talking about selfies and wondered what on earth they were talking about, wonder no more! A selfie is a self portrait photograph taken by the subject in the photograph. Extremely popular back in the early days of the Internet and social sharing sites, they suffered a dip when food and cats knocked them off top spot, but selfies are now mainstream. It’s no secret I love a good selfie. Or if it was, I’ve just blown my cover.

Why are they now so popular the term was included in the Oxford online dictionary? Here’s my top 5 reasons:
Notoriously easy to take, most people are equipped with a decent camera phone and are able to whack one out in seconds.
You don’t have to ask the girl queuing in the toilets to take a pic of you
You don’t have to take a picture in the mirror and have your phone in the picture, (especially embarrassing for HTC owners)
It’s widely acceptable to send people pictures of your face only, you no longer have to ‘get them out for the lads’
You can let people know instantly how good you think you look and win their approval. This will make them think positive thoughts about you, such as; “oh she so fine, I love to look at her face from an upper angle 100 times a day” and “oh she so clever, she put on tons of make-up and got her boobs in the picture” and “oh she such a natural, I bet she only took that picture once”

Photographing your facial expressions in different locations, with friends and in outfits are so mainstream, I wonder how long until we live stream from our social media accounts with a gopro attached to our head? Not long I guess!! And the popularity of apps like SnapChat tell us lots about the rise of the selfie, (and possibly how common sexting is, it got its own app) . We like people to see us. But are we becoming so indulgent that if we were chocolate we’d eat ourselves? Seriously, who cares, i’m just ecstatic it’s not cats and food anymore.

Apple* were in on this years ago when they put a forward facing camera on the new iPhone. Was it just for facetime/skype? No, it’s because they were pissed at the take over of felines on the internet, they knew if they turned the camera around, in true evolution stylie, we’d eventually succumb to looking at ourselves and loving it. Even Justin Timberlake joined in on the act. Where he has so far failed with New MySpace he’s acheived great success with his song, Mirrors, the official selfie anthem. “It’s like you’re my mirror..” No, wait, you are!

As people in 2013, we’re sight junkies, we want to see, look, watch. Is a bad thing to love yourself? (Careful now)
Anyway, here’s a collection of my favourite personal selfies. Enjoy!

With comedian Benny Boot


With some Dutch guy (no you shut up!)


With lots of loft bar drinkers in the EdFringe


With someone I don’t know but seem happy to be taking a selfie with


With my gorgeous friend and producer Julie-Ann


With someone whose glasses I took off and wore, maybe he can’t see and that’s why he has a quizzical brow?


With Alex Robertson, a friend I met at the traffic lights


With a dancer from fringe act Briefs


With my gorgeous friend Humanist Juliet


Just me, a real proper #selfie, this should be captioned with ‘Hiya! I’m at the festival!’ Leaving you equipped with the knowledge that I’m out, I’m at a fantastically visual place, but it’s all about me


With my friend Lynne on the bus to T in the Park, the excitement obvious on our faces and the camera just visible in the reflection. “It’s like you’re my mirror..” ! 2013


With comedian Patrick Monahan


However, wherever you take your selfies, enjoy and love yourself! (Sensibly!) Xx

* it’s been pointed out to me that Nokia had a forward facing camera for years. Understandably, he, Ian Logendra (of Glasgow), wishes to remain anonymous.

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