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In an attempt to keep writing, I am going to attempt to inject some life back into this here blog. I’ve had dalliances elsewhere, I’m not going to lie, but, like a crazed lover, I keep coming back this little lady. Who I am now? I Am Karlie. Where it all began, all those years ago, with a review of Sex and The City 2, The Movie.  Then, it turned into a mix of movie reviews, a jumble of thoughts, dating advice and worries. Oh how i’ve grown.

To quote, myself, all those years ago – “Now we find our characters older and settled down, it’s not the same, but I can’t help but think if they were all STILL single and dating, just how depressing it would be. It’s comforting to know, we’ve all grown up.”

How time flies.

On this day, today, I have the first public screening of my first movie. One I have helped adapt into a screenplay, produce and direct. Tonight my University course convenes in Edinburgh’s The Filmhouse cinema. With our family and friends by our sides, we watch the hard effort and work we have put in these last few months, on the big screen.

If you had told me all those years ago, that this was the path I would have taken, then I would have laughed. But I wouldn’t have been surprised. I always said if I could go back in time, I would make movies. Heck, I started out trying to be in them, but soon realised acting was not for me. Then, after watching every movie there was to watch, I always thought I would make a good director. But it wasn’t a love of movies that brought me to studying filmmaking. Nope. It was social media. And, through a bizarre twist of events, everything that happens, some on these pages, some off them, I find myself, all these years later, in love with movies, a man, two teenagers, a pug called Poppy, and my life by the sea.

And, so here we are.

This film, The Admiral, forms part of a short film trilogy. The Admiral was the most ambitious, because it was the first. And, like a first child, we try out every technique we’ve learned, read about, spoke about, and can. We make all the mistakes – we waste money on the wrong things, we waste time doing the wrong things, and by the time we are on the second one, we’ve got a handle on it. I find i’ve filmed a few films that I haven’t put out into the public domain, and this one definitely has to go out, so it will. So, you, dear reader, will finally get to see what all the fuss about ‘I Am Karlie’ is about.





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