Dreaming with your eyes open

Dreams are strange things, what one person dreams of is not necessarily what another does. What we hold dear, what we wish for is unique to us. More sunshine, that new job, that boys/girls attention, that new gadget, work for ourselves, that new house, to travel more, to worry less – it’s all unique toContinue reading “Dreaming with your eyes open”

The Sopranos – Season 1-3

After a flirtation with it last year, I started with tons more gusto watching Season One of The Sopranos. I love a good gangster movie, British or American, they all count. (I was saying to a friend the other day, many a time I’ve considered writing Rocknroller 2 and sending it to Guy Ritchie!) Anyways,Continue reading “The Sopranos – Season 1-3”

Writing Creatively

I’ve been writing so much recently I think I had forgotten how to do so creatively. I can get an idea no problem, but it’s my descriptive text that’s evading me. Writing in the first person is hard to carry off for a whole book. I am boring myself with the tone of this writing.Continue reading “Writing Creatively”

My First Blog Award

I started this blog a few years ago, and I’ve blogged rather regularly ever since. At the time I was writing for a beauty website and this allowed me to be my writer self, sharing my thoughts and feelings with wild skirt tucked in pants abandon. It also allowed me to reach out to otherContinue reading “My First Blog Award”

The Half Full Jar

Hello and Happy New Years! 2013 is going to be full of so many good memories, I want you to be ready for them. Find an empty, clean, large, glass Jar. Every time you hear a piece of good news, write it down on a scrap of paper and put it into your jar. GetContinue reading “The Half Full Jar”

Submitted a little story….

….to Burst. told to do it by a fellow writer, so I did. Writing short stories are like eating a cheeky donut to me. A real pleasure. Especially if that is an iced donut. And even more so if that donut has creme in the middle. AND if that donut has coffee on the side………OohContinue reading “Submitted a little story….”

Action, Argo and Advice

One if the best pieces of writing advice I was given at college was, action moves things along. This dropped into my mind again tonight as I was talking to a friend about a short film I’m in the process of putting together, (a cutesy story you’ll all love, am sure!) Can I be inContinue reading “Action, Argo and Advice”

Okay, I Admit it, I’m In Love….

Everyone always says that you only fall in love when you stop looking. If you don’t force it, if you stop looking, that’s when it turns up. I’m surprised, I have to say. A few days ago, out of the blue I realised it had happened. I was in love, I am in love. I’veContinue reading “Okay, I Admit it, I’m In Love….”

Should Your Own Writing Make You Cry?

I don’t have the answer to this, but I know that surely, if it is emotive enough to cause tears to fall, you are writing raw material. Raw material is good. Good is good. Writing is such a self indulgent thing. You are sharing your views on something, a character, a situation, you want everyContinue reading “Should Your Own Writing Make You Cry?”

Everything Has Already Been Done.

When planning a journey, I am not the sort of girl to consult a map.  Edinburgh I know like the back of my hand, but when going any further i’d most likely Google the route, check which roads I need to be on, maybe check for landmarks then set out. Half the fun for meContinue reading “Everything Has Already Been Done.”

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