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After a flirtation with it last year, I started with tons more gusto watching Season One of The Sopranos. I love a good gangster movie, British or American, they all count. (I was saying to a friend the other day, many a time I’ve considered writing Rocknroller 2 and sending it to Guy Ritchie!)

Anyways, you get the picture, i like a Gangster movie. People have always been surprised I’ve never watched The Sopranos. Until now. As part of what i’ll be studying on my HND is Television Writing, it’s insane to not watch what’s out there. I’m a big believer in things being replicated, knowingly or unknowingly and so starting with the originals is always my port of call.

Two episodes in, and I was hooked. A timely hangover stay in bed day proved useful to kick back and soak up season one quickly. Currently I’ve just finished season 3 and I’m enforcing a break on myself. I love the programmes, love them. It’s just I’m starting to act all Soprano about things.

I’m thinking Soprano in my head, when I’m shopping I’m drawn to the pastas and parmegiano, while talking I’m thinking in Italian, (I don’t even speak it!), instead of laughing with friends I feel like I’m only laughing on one side of my face, (the other side has Tony’s raised eyebrow) and my speech? Holy fuck, it’s breaking my balls. < see?

Why has it gripped me so much?

Aside from the high speed rate of my watching it, it’s pretty damn special. If you haven’t seen it, do so.

I think what firmly made me love it, was Christopher Sopranos stint as a writer. You can tell this is heartfelt and ‘writing what you know‘ in pure form. As unlikely as it may seem, I felt his hopes and fears alongside him as a writer. Yes the show is predominantly about ‘wiseguys’ but The Sopranos normalise them. The head of a mafia family going to see a psychiatrist is pure genius, fish out of water narrative. Following them around while they deal with child rearing, ageing parents, growing up, twisted family relationships amidst the odd hit is clever and captivating.

Trying to fit into the wise guy niche firmly carved out by the likes of Scarface, The Godfather and Goodfellas was bold, yet they tackle it head on, speaking aloud what you’re thinking. Christopher talks about writing his screenplay, they talk of their favourite parts in The Godfather. They break that fourth wall very early on, letting you know, that THEY know, that you’d be thinking that. Clever.

So, I’m having a break while I get my mind back to my own. Nearly calling my cat a ‘C***sucker’ for jumping on the kitchen side was a turning point, Season 4, I’m coming to get you, but not just yet.

UPDATE 2023 – When James Gandolfini died I couldn’t go back to this. Nothing like when Ray Liotta died, James’s death hit me because you see so much of him in Sopranoas. It made me too sad. So far I haven’t completed this season.

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  1. Jay McNeill Avatar

    Love the sopranos and I love that you’re loving it too. I’ve watched through the entire lot 3 times. It’s possible to go to new York and do the sopranos tour!

    P. S. Speaking of other gangster movies did you know that tonys “shrink” is ray liottas wife from goodfellas. Also that Christopher moltasanti (Michael imporili) and Paulie walnuts were also in goodfellas…… And…. And that sylvio tonys best mate, played by Steve van zandt is the guitarist for the e street band that tour and perform with Bruce Springsteen…

  2. Jay McNeill Avatar

    I’ll type this again… Love that you’re loving the sopranos. I love it. Watched the entire collection 3 times.

    As you speak of other gangster movies, you probably know this but…

    Tonys “shrink ” was ray liottas wife in goodfellas

    Christopher moltasanti (Michael imporili) and Pauline walnuts were both in goodfellas and,

    Sylvio Dante (Steve van zandt) is the guitarist for the E street band which tour and perform with the boss Bruce Springsteen

    1. iamkarlie Avatar

      Yes i know her in fact I do an AMAZING Karen impression! I didn’t recognise Christopher from Goodfellas and didn’t know that about the E Street Band although I’ve seen them live! Absolutely LOVE the shows, love them. I am starting to act a bit strange though so having a one week break before I go back for season 4 – managed to escape all spoilers too so I’m a complete innocent!!! 😀

      1. Jay McNeill Avatar

        Well done on avoiding the spoilers. Chris is the boy who pesci shoots in the foot in goodfellas.

        And as for sylvie… He’s the man! In the show and real life, that’s his real life wife as well.

      2. iamkarlie Avatar

        Omg I remember Christopher “why don’t you go f*** yourself” now!! I think it’s clever how they cast characters from Goodfellas, it creates a nose of closeness to the plot, characters and genre. V clever!

  3. thesammcleod Avatar

    Ray Liotta turned down James Gandolfini’s part as he didn’t want to do TV. Could have been very different..

    1. iamkarlie Avatar

      Wow.. Would have been v different. He turned up in Place Beyond The Pines… While I love his character in Goodfellas, so much so I’m sure I had a crush on him, he now plays bad hearted baddies, me no likey!

      1. iamkarlie Avatar

        My favourite character so far is Paulie (and Christopher) but at the end of Season 3, his head is turning away from T, easy to see his motivation with Ralphie and his Mother… I’m worried about him in Season 4 🙁

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