Sticky toffee pudding is something we all eat in the UK right? So when I decided ‘off the cuff’ to make this masterpiece of puddings and did a quick mobile search for an ingredient list, all I found was American recipes. Now, I learnt early on in a teen cooking disaster involving carrot cake and a two day oven clean out that my mum’s china tea cup is not the same measurement as an american measure ‘cup’. Trying to convert American cooking measurements into British cooking measurements on a Sunday night, and almost crying in the home baking aisle of Tesco is not the way forward. Wouldn’t a QR code or something in the aisle next to the bloody dates be a good idea right now?? Anyway I managed to get a rough idea of ingredients, wiped my tears and headed home.

I grabbed all my cooking books. You may be as surprised as me to learn Nigella, Gordon and Jamie do not have a Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe between them. So I opened my laptop and it helped far more than my mobile, I mean it’s almost as if Google knows stuff about me!!! For once this pleases me! Despite my brief stateside trip early this year, Google knows I’m British. (and judging from the fact it offered me various local shop directions probably knows I can’t cook) Yay!

I found this recipe from the BBC (For once it was Auntie Beeb who rescued me and not Aunt Bessie!) Suddenly I became very thankful for paying my TV License all these years and attempted to get cooking!!!

Except I couldn’t, as my oven was being hogged by my ‘FWB’ making The Best* Roast potatoes and Chicken. So, while the kitchen is a no go area I thought I’d write up so far.

Okay. my first hurdle to get over was lack of cream. While I had hovered around the dairy section rejoicing with the other shoppers that we are not lactose intolerant, I did not actually buy any and you need it to make the Toffee that makes the pudding Sticky Toffee Pudding So this would be a Sticky Pudding, until I hit upon the idea that milk is not far off cream and that it might do. Ooh exciting times ahead! Would the milk cut it?

You’ll be glad to know that it all worked out fine. Really fine. Really, really fine. In fact, OMG I almost wanted to do a lap of victory around the kitchen this pudding tasted so amazing. Wowee! I couldn’t believe I made it. I wanted to tell everyone I knew, my mum, my friends, my family, Google. I had finally mastered something in my kitchen (or had a fluke moment) and I wrote this blog to encourage other people to make it. Let’s start a Sticky Toffee Pudding revolution.

While this may be something that would scare the most regular of person away from making, I can wholeheartedly vouch that this recipe is a good one and even without the cream it worked.

Make. This. Pudding.

My biggest tip is to turn a blind eye to the amount of sugar that goes into the Toffee sauce otherwise you’ll find yourself refusing to eat it.

“and oh yes they were amazing too. In fact I am still rolling on the floor unable to move. Send Help.

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  1. wendypaterson Avatar

    Well done Karlie, looking forward to tasting it sometime soon maybe you can bring the pudding next time we meet up.

    If you are worried about the amount of sugar it may be worth you having a look at this recipe on Good Food for a guilt free sticky toffee pudding it takes near 200 cal of the classic pud

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Thanks Wendy! there was ALOT of sugar!! One other thing I forgot to add into the blog was that I kept back water from the date/bicarb mixture as I thought it might be too much liquid, however , when cooked, the pud could have done with the extra moisture, (get me!) not sure if that was a rookie mistake!

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