Susi Jones’ Swag Guide

Have you met Miss Jones?

Susi Jones, WAG

My favourite part of being a writer is creating characters, they just drop into my head and I get an image of them doing something funny and we’re off. I tap away at the keyboard or write with a pen. Pages later I resurface, in a daze and read back the adventures we have been on. I believe lots of writers and creatives do this, or maybe I really am a genuis, you decide!

Susi Jones has hung around me for a while. She’s a character I know well. A little bit of an alter ego perhaps? Though I’m not sure if that’s a compliment to me, or her! Susi Jones as you can see from the pictures is far more glamorous than me. Susi is an English WAG who has moved to Scotland and has started the SWAG Guide, a guide to nurturing your inner WAG. She will be dishing out beauty and fashion tips, tricks and advice at The Swag Guide There will even be the odd interview. Oh yes, The Swag Guide is going to be fun!

Further information on Susi can be found on The Swag Guide, which is due to launch in the next few weeks. But just before I sign off, here’s Susi in her own words….

“Hiya!! I can’t wait for you all to drop by my little site and learn how to nurture your inner WAG.  It’s going to be so much fun. My Lee, I do love my Lee, is excited too, he said he thought I might stay out of the shops more now but I put him right on that. I said, ‘Lee, Babe, these girls NEED me to be in the shops.  It’s our right as women to look the best we can at all times, and we have to know the best fake tan, the best hairdressers, the best eyeshadow, the best jeans, the best asymmetric layered top, it’s as  important as the premiership league final Babe’ And he nodded. As a top footballer, Lee understands about fashion and he wants to get involved, bringing the boys a little bit of fashion advice too, and maybe some football news! I’m really lucky he’s my man and that I’m a WAG, but I believe everyone has an inner WAG they need to nurture and bring out from underneath bad hair and make-up, so I’m really excited about bringing you The Swag Guide! See you all soon, Mwah mwah xx”

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