Vintage Hair Stop Motion

This is little Stop Motion video I made for my lovely friends at Broughton Place Hair and Beauty. They opened their doors a few months ago and I dropped in for a colour correction, remember that blog post? Anne has masses of hair experience and specialises in Vintage hair and wedding hair ups. Go see […]

Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Misplaced the programme for The Edinburgh Short Film festival? Well here’s a useful link Edinburgh short film festival Action to animation and no longer than ten minutes a film, the short film festival is a must see this weekend 7-9th June. So if you’re in Edinburgh, make sure you head to Summerhall or the Granary […]

Cocktail Making at Steak Edinburgh

Just finished up a great weekend in Edinburgh. It was one of rare and fabled sunny weekends, where you can sit outside cafe bars. Edinburgh is gorgeous in the sunshine, such a beautiful city. As the sun shines it makes me dream of summer, and summer makes me dream of cocktails. I think I know […]

Face Time Baby!!

Hello, Good morning and all that! Are you awake? I’m talking to the girls mainly here, but boys if you want to bring a smile to the Missus’ face, and a sparkling sheen then you simply HAVE to follow these instructions!! Or, do it for yourself, choose TODAY to be the day you become all Metrosexual 🙂 Lately […]

A little Taco Tale

Back in the looooong ago days when I first ever ever joined Twitter one of the first people I spoke to was Jack of Californian taco and burrito eaterie, Illegal Jacks. Jack has done an amazing job creating a loyal following online and offline. Any new business wanting to be successful online, would be doing themselves a favour having a […]

Action, Argo and Advice

One if the best pieces of writing advice I was given at college was, action moves things along. This dropped into my mind again tonight as I was talking to a friend about a short film I’m in the process of putting together, (a cutesy story you’ll all love, am sure!) Can I be in […]

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Tuesday night in Edinburgh and a light mist descended on us all. It was truly shaping up to be a dismal night, staying in and watching TV the only thing you’d want to be doing. But I had plans. ROX were opening their latest jewellery store in Edinburgh and I was invited along. If you […]

Everything Has Already Been Done.

When planning a journey, I am not the sort of girl to consult a map.  Edinburgh I know like the back of my hand, but when going any further i’d most likely Google the route, check which roads I need to be on, maybe check for landmarks then set out. Half the fun for me […]

Run, Karlie, RUN!!!!

I must confess to not being a runner. I do however often entertain thoughts I could be a runner. I like the thought of pounding the streets, really pushing my body to its limits and I set out with good intention. Only to find myself hobbling along ten minutes later. (Okay, okay FIVE..) It may […]

How To Survive A New Romance.

Urgh! genuinely right now – Urgh is all I have to say about this. I don’t want to be dating again. I feel like I’ve been dating FOREVER.  I am not sure if I will become Edinburgh’s most famous single person but here’s to trying. In short, I simply can’t be bothered to go through […]