I like you facebook, always have, always will.. but sometimes I want to punch you….

Does anyone remember the days when Facebook was just the one way for a long time? It was way before twitter came along making facebook up it’s game and I liked it. It was easy to navigate, there were fewer options and it didn’t actually feel like facebook was paying attention to EVERY damn thing you did. But now, I hardly recognise Facebook. I’m all for improvement and evolution but it seems as soon as we get used to one little thing, it changes it and updates it or moves it or gives it flags and banners and sparkles and it just makes me want to shout ENOUGH!!!

If you have had a year break from Facebook I’m sure you’d hardly recognise it. In fact scrap that, if you’ve had a two week break from Facebook, you’ll hardly recognise it..

Every time I log on via my laptop there seems to be a change, but why is Facebook going through such an identity crisis??  Is it struggling to keep up with demand? Is it toiling to keep it’s place as top social networking site? Is it just bored? Is it just flexing it’s muscles of power? Keeping us on our toes?  Mashable, my social media mecca has no answers 😦

It just seems silly AND annoying AND a bit too big brother-ish to me. (no, not the channel 4 show!) but just a bit too preoccupied with trying to determine who you want to talk to and who you want to hear from. The whole interaction point of Facebook to me is to stay in contact with people I do not usually speak to on a day to day basis. But with the ‘latest’ (I’m being cautious here, I mean, it has been two hours since I last logged in) we have to go and click that option, and if we don’t know there IS an option, Facebook really IS becoming Big Brother and a little bit like a cult in my eyes. Dictating to us who we should speak back to based on our flaky online commenting stats. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!

It’s just not on Facebook.

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