Ghosts of boyfriends past…

Friday 29th April is going to be an emotional day for me and I’m not talking about the royal wedding. As one girls dream comes true, when she marries her prince, so does a particular dream of this girl. And though there will be no white dresses, horses, cheering crowds and though it is still as my friends say ‘romantic’ in a sense, it will be all about a boy…and a girl. This girl.

In just a few more sleeps, I will be reunited with my oldest boyfriend. We are going to meet up after 15 years. We dated for a few years and then drifted apart and after 11 years of no contact and a further two years of emailing, facebooking, texting and speaking on the phone, now, NOW we are meeting face to face.

We all have a someone in our closet. Someone our thoughts wander to randomly, ‘what ever happened to them?’ and we’re lucky we live in the kind of world that after a few taps into a qwerty keyboard, they are instantly in front of us. Back from the past and part of the future.

So what will happen? What happens when the one who got away comes back? Do you pick up from where you left off? Will we? Will we still have the same connection we once had? The one that has made every other boyfriend pale into insignificance? Will we still laugh the same way we did? We definitely still have the same sense of humour so I’m sure we will. Whatever this weekend will bring, I am sure of one thing, we will have fun. I get to show him the most beautiful city, introduce him to my wonderful friends and my life and we get to rekindle our friendship.

I guess while I am THE most romantic girl I know, this won’t be one of those moments, because we are different people. But it’s so nice to be able to hang out with him, I feel like the luckiest girl to be able to do that. Obviously I’m nervous, there’s so much pressure for everything to be amazing but at the end of the day it can only be what it will be. I am writing this blog now as I wanted to capture some of the feelings I have right now by putting them to paper, breathe life into them just like the photographs I have of us smiling into the camera all those years ago. I truly believe everything that happen to us are lessons, and this will be a great experience. Not many are able to do what we are about to do. Not many stay friends, not many keep in touch, not many have the guts to pick up the phone and say ‘Hey’ without expecting anything but a ‘Hey’ back.

Stay right there, I’ll be back….

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