Changing me, changing you, Aha*

I like change. It is no lie that I have not managed to live in the same house for more than three years since I was 20. I’m one of those people who like to mix things up  a little. I’m adaptable and flexible, (not in a yoga way) and this has always held me in good stead in life. Not much gets me down. If you know me personally, it’s probably as a smiley type who always has a story to tell.  If you don’t and just read my twitter (@KarlieMacG) or this blog then you may be excused for thinking I’m a little kooky. I don’t mind, I’m thick skinned enough to take it.I don’t really take things personally as I’m more inclined to think  that if you say something mean to me, you’re probably just having a bad day.

So there we have it, I like change. Lately I have been thinking about this and questioning the changes I am making. Now nearly two years ago, I made a really big change. i’m not going into detail because there’s not really any need, but it was a real life changing change. It upset a lot of people. I’m not proud of that. You never want to intentionally hurt people but sometimes you find you’re in a place where you are hurting more and you have to say Ok, enough is enough here. And I did. My friends were amazed. They kept thinking I would change my mind. They didn’t believe me. Some of the people closely involved even thought I was having a break down. Why on earth would I make that kind of change?


The answer is simply because, well maybe not simply, but bear with me, I CHOSE to.

For me, Life was like walking in a forest and walking down the wrong path, and although you chose to be on that precise path you realise you’re not going to get where you wanted. But you keep walking and walking and the further you continue down that pathway you realise your chances of getting one are pretty slim. In your mindseye, you can see where you should be on, it’s just there in the distance you can just make it out. But to get to it seems an inpossible task. You wonder how on earth you will manage it. Then, one day, you realise you do have a choice and you can stop walking and change. Break away. Make your apologies and run throught the forest to get to the right path. And you will get there.  It is never to late to be where you want to be or who you want to be.

Want to do something? Do it! Don’t let anything stop you. Especially not your thoughts.

I always thought I was pretty clued up, and being a lover of change and choice I believed I would always implement things for my own good. I didn’t manage to do it for a few years, I got swept up and forgot I had a choice. Two years on, I’m a different person. I love being me.  My life has turned around so much and while it hasn’t been completely plain sailing, I’m still learning lessons, I’m so glad I remembered I had a choice.  I am thankful for every new day I have had with my new changes.

We only have one life, one time here to make it ours. Let’s do it properly!

*as you will have noted, this has nothing to do with Aha, it was just a play on words of an Abba song, but so as you do not leave dissapointed, here’s a little bit of classic Aha, enjoy!!

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