I was sat last week discussing with friends our all time favourite Madonna song. It soon became apparent that there were a lot to choose from as every time we said it was one, another popped into our heads, we sang the lyrics and agreed it was that one instead. There are simply too many Madonna songs to choose from, I think you maybe have to have a top 10. As I thought more about it I was reminded of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby and the general way he writes about music in his books. When I read that book I didn’t know any of the songs he was talking about but I understood the whole music as the backdrop of life thing.

There are so many Madonna songs that I hear and am transported back to a moment in my past. For example, Borderline – trying to convince my Dad to let me wear leggings, (he said no, they were not for little girls) . It was very hard trying to be a Kid from fame without them.

Like a Virgin – Lacy gloves, same as above, same answer, my sister sneaked me a pair, wore them under my magic gloves.

Live to tell – dramatic Holden Caulfield teenage years, same as Papa don’t preach though interspersed with the happy go lucky True Blue and Open your heart – discovering boys could be more than friends but most couldn’t kiss.

Vogue – allowed to wear the what the heck I wanted and living the Kid from Fame dream for real, leg warmers so passe. Spending summers Voguing with friends in and around tube stations of London and generally being precocious.

Don’t cry for me Argentina – Why had Prince got married and Madonna had a baby? What was going on in the world? It’s a strange moment in your life when your Idols do normal things.

Ray of Light – Living the same life as Madonna, marriage and baby 🙂 sang this constantly to my baby, he was not affected.

Hung Up – Cue party trick copying the dance moves in this, friends collapsing in giggles and sorer quadriceps than heads the next day. Nuff said. And there’s loads more!!

I could probably give you a story for every song given enough time and I bet you could too. There’s something awesome about Madonna and while I’ve never been a massive MASSIVE constant fan, Madonna songs have been a constant in my life,  she’s been at the backdrop of so much of my life and probably yours too, have a think…

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