Ready Made Smoothie Mixes

Now, I’ve learned over time that smoothies are probably one of the easiest things to make, so you don’t really need a recipe. I’m a BIG fan of chucking the fruits and vegetables I like, into a blender, blitzing and drinking. I do know, however, that it’s nice to follow a recipe as a guide.

Carting home a truck load of fruit and vegetables can sometimes be a chore in itself, so I’ve reached out into the freezer cabinet and tried these two ready made smoothie mixes from Morrisons. (Not an ad). I was intrigued by these as I mentioned above, it’s hard to cart home boxes of fruit and vegetables. Plus, I’m a fan of putting vegetables into smoothies, not just fruit, as fruit = sugar. The Purple One had Strawberries, Blueberries, Avocado, and Spinach. Yum! The Orange One was Papaya, Carrots and Pineapple.

I’m happy to report that both were yummy. Unable to stop myself from chucking in things I like, I added Chai and Flax seeds to both, for those all important Omega 3’s, and mixed with Almond Milk, not apple juice as recommended. Now, I’m not telling Morrisons how to do their job, but do we need that extra sugar? No, we don’t. Less sugar, better you.  I also added blueberries to the Orange One, as, well, why not? Blueberries are a fantastic antioxidant, source of Vitamin C and Potassium. Yum!


The first time I tried it, it was difficult to get the frozen fruits to mix, because i’d added in liquids, which made them solidify to the sides of the blender. Ouch! No amount of shaking, frustrating, and the like, could get them to budge, so I sat it out on the counter for half an hour to allow it to thaw. I had more success the next time I made one, as I started to mix with just a little liquid, which allowed the frozen fruits their own mixture time. Lesson learned!

All in all, I think these two mixes were great, they certainly tasted yummy, were easy to drink and, most importantly, filled me up. PLUS, they were super healthy. I’m watchful of the amount of sugar involved, and will be keen to add them to my shopping list for their ease of use.


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