Ready Made Smoothie Mixes

Now, I’ve learned over time that smoothies are probably one of the easiest things to make, so you don’t really need a recipe. I’m a BIG fan of chucking the fruits and vegetables I like, into a blender, blitzing and drinking. I do know, however, that it’s nice to follow a recipe as a guide.Continue reading “Ready Made Smoothie Mixes”

Catch Up With Mark Greenaway (Celebrity Chef)

I have known Mark for some years now and always joke with him about being a Celebrity Chef, a title he quickly shrugs off with his famous chuckle. Without a doubt Mark is a Celebrity Chef and whether he likes it or not, his star is rising. Mark always fascinates me as he always hasContinue reading “Catch Up With Mark Greenaway (Celebrity Chef)”

Gluten Free January

Well, here goes.. That’s a deep breath for me committing to this. My theory is, If I tell you, I have to go ahead with it. Over Christmas a friend mentioned he’d gone gluten free and felt amazing for it. Whenever anyone mentions feeling great as the result of something, I’m like a meetcat; backContinue reading “Gluten Free January”

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