Watching The Sun Come up – Moonwalking for Breast Cancer

There are very few times in my life I have watched the sun rise in the sky. I’m usually fast asleep, like most people. But on Sunday morning, I did this, along with thousands of other women participating in the Edinburgh Moonwalk and raising money for Breast Cancer. In 2009 over 48,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. 95 % of those diagnosed had a survival rate of 1 year. So as much as we can all joke and giggle about boobies, the above picture of mine wrapped in the Moonwalk Bra being no exception,  keeping them healthy is serious business. And it was on this serious business of raising money for breast cancer that I watched Edinburgh City come to life on a sleepy Sunday morning, placing foot after foot for 26.2 miles.

Our group had originally consisted of 4, but one had to call off for Injury reasons before hand, so it was team of three that set off from Inverleith Park. My team mates were an inspiration, they cheered me on when the going got tough despite them having their own pain issues. One walked the whole way with soaking wet feet as the lovely Edinburgh showered us all with a downpour at the start.

We started off okay, a trail of plastic mac, fluffy bra wearing, excited women. Along the route we were cheered by Volunteers and members of the public. I have to say to you now, if EVER you pass a marathon runner, an athlete, a moonwalker, or anyone competing in anything, cheer them on. It will mean something to them, so don’t worry about looking or feeling stupid or the fact you don’t know them. Your encouragement makes a difference, trust me. The highlight of the Moonwalk was a very drunk guy on one of the Bollards on the Royal Mile who flashed us all. Sadly it looked like he got arrested but it made us all laugh!

By mile 5, Arthurs Seat, pain had set into my hips. I had an accident as  child and occasionally it flares up. Boy it came with a vengeance that night. By Mile 11 I was seriously considering doing the Half Moon I was in that much pain. But I took painkillers, rotated my joints a little to alleviate the pressure on them, I walked backwards and bent forward, I carried on. One thought kept me going – Someone dying of Cancer right now Karlie, someone too sick to walk, would love to be in your shoes.  I’m lucky I have the chance to moan in the rain because I am sore. It’s a bit deep I know, but it was an emotional time. We all have the opportunity to do things in our lives and with our lives but few of us rarely do. We stay in jobs we don’t like, relationships we don’t want to and inside we wish we could change things. Only a handful of us realise we can do WHATEVER we want, that Life really is too short, it can be over too quick and we need to make the most of it.  Every single one of us who has good health, is very lucky. Use your time well.

So enough life lessons and back to the Moonwalk…

Aside from raising money for Cancer, I’ve always wanted to do a marathon, really push myself but I was skeptical I would be able to do it if I’m honest. While I am a reasonably fit person, I used to have a much higher level of fitness and doubted my ability this time around. My training had tailed off in March due to time commitments and I turned up at the start line with an open mind. If I pulled out at 13 miles it would be okay. I forgot how determined I am though and surprised myself a little by continuing through the pain. The thought of not finishing, of not crossing the finish line pushed me on. I hadn’t signed up for half and the little voice that kept telling me how lucky I was to have my health spurned me on.

After a grueling walk through the night, we toddled along the last few miles and as I saw the Pink tents at Inverleith park I burst into tears. We had done it! I always thought it would be emotional, I mean I’d lost my Dad through Cancer and as I went through the finish line, I thought of all the thousands of men and women who will benefit from the money raised. There is still time to donate a little to the Walk The Walk charity which raises money for Breast Cancer, ANY amount is appreciated so don’t think ‘oh I only have £2’, everything helps. It all goes towards saving boobs and keeping boobies healthy, so don’t just look at the picture of Boobs, donate!!! Why wouldn’t you??

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