Watching The Sun Come up – Moonwalking for Breast Cancer

There are very few times in my life I have watched the sun rise in the sky. I’m usually fast asleep, like most people. But on Sunday morning, I did this, along with thousands of other women participating in the Edinburgh Moonwalk and raising money for Breast Cancer. In 2009 over 48,000 women were diagnosedContinue reading “Watching The Sun Come up – Moonwalking for Breast Cancer”

Me and My Bra.

WARNING: ALL women have breasts and you better get used to it. Catchy title to make you click through on the blog and read it, I know, I know, I’m a cheeky bugger, drawing you in with the promise of boobies and Bras but you’re lucky. I was going to start with a hard luckContinue reading “Me and My Bra.”

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