WARNING: ALL women have breasts and you better get used to it.

Catchy title to make you click through on the blog and read it, I know, I know, I’m a cheeky bugger, drawing you in with the promise of boobies and Bras but you’re lucky. I was going to start with a hard luck story like they do on Britains Got Talent and X Factor, “I’m here today because my Dad died last year…” But we don’t want that do we? We all know how tough Cancer is, how the fight strips away someone in front of our eyes, it’s pretty horrific and ugly to see. Cancer is horrible, there’s no doubting that and anyone who has been close to anyone with it knows what i’m talking about. You feel so absolutely helpless standing by watching and realise that life is precious and short, you need to grab it with two strong hands.

So aside from living each day pursuing your dreams, what else can you do? Well you can give a little to charities to help raise funds to find a cure. And what i’m doing is the Edinburgh Moonwalk. This involves walking 26 and a bit miles in my Bra, at night with my friends to raise money to help fight Cancer. The bit is very important, means I can say I did MORE than 26 miles. (anyone else say ‘More than’ in Morgan Freemans voice or was that just me? Just me? Well, this is awkward… )

Above you will see the Bra I am wearing, this is obviously pre decoration and looks huge doesn’t it??  I am shocked it fits me, but it does, pictures in my post Moonwalk post to prove it. After the event i’ll no doubt be an emotional wreck and will have a lot of time to sit around on my derrière writing, (nothing like Pippa’s or Kylie’s i’m afraid).

I’m being honest and admitting that I have not trained massively. so it will be a huge physical and emotional challenge, and if you have a few minutes can you click on the link and sponsor us? I’m not going to be doing this ‘with my eyes shut’ (instead i’ll be doing it while most of you have your eyes shut!). We purposely didn’t set too high a target and it would be fabulous to hit it!


Your support, like my Bra, is amazing, thank you!!!

ps Team Princess? Natch!! xx

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