Facebook marketing made simple….

I was going to call this “Facebook marketing… for dummies”, but 1, I would probably get sued and 2, it’s not aimed at Dummies.

It’s aimed at you and me and every one who wants to market anything via facebook.

Rule no 1, keep things simple.

Rule no 2, keep things simple. (a bit like fight club, without the fighting or Brad Pitt)

You do not always need fancy QR codes and competitions to engage with your audience. It is easy to forget and get carried away with things to excite people, but simply put, we are a nation of ‘keeping up with the jones’  we like to look over the fence at what our neighbors have and sometimes we want it too.

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, allow us to find out even more info about our neighbours and friends and join in on their fun. We can peak out from behind our curtains at what everyone is up to and take a slice of it for ourselves.

If we want to of course, because we are NOT going to want to do everything our friends are doing. But when we do, we do so genuinely and it’s the conversion of these customers that are genuine and not here today, gone tomorrow.

It is easy to get caught up in the social media hype and think that if we don’t have a circus going on with bears shooting through rings of fire, while juggling sardines and dancing the macarena, we are failing in our efforts. Not true, (Well not always true)

The beauty of social media should not be forgotten. We are nosey buggers.

Any more info needed, see me after class. “What class?” you say, Oh, you are good!

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I am editor of theswagguide.com blogging on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, events and travel

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