Avoiding heartbreak, is it ever worth it?

There is no doubt about it that heartbreak hurts. It stings like a bee. And just like a bee aimed at stinging you, only a real weirdo would hang around to be stung. You wouldn’t put your hand in fire, jump in front of a car, cut yourself or put yourself in any danger unless you are that way inclined. It is therefore understandable that when heartbreak is found lurking in your world, you would try to dodge it.

If Tim Burton made coffee
You accept a bit less, you believe a lie, you give it another try. Do you sell yourself short? Are you just accepting things to avoid the hurt that will undoubtedly find you in the end?

Of course you are and you are not alone, it’s human nature to run from pain, we all do it.

The one thing to bear in mind is that as much as you bury your head in the sand or your head on their shoulder, it will find you. Prolonging the agony of it all, drawing it out in all it’s blood red glory is only going to hurt you more in the long run.

Taking the brave step away from someone, or keeping away when they have no more room for you, is tough. Really, really tough. It hurts and it stings like a bee. But just like a bee sting, it will get better. There is no simple way to avoid heartbreak, you have to face it, head on, in all its uglyness.

I have a few friends going through this at the moment and my heart goes out to them, I wish I could wipe their memories away as easy as it is to block a facebook profile. But it’s not easy and there is little anyone can say or do that will help with this. There is only one thing that will help out and that is time, pure and simple time. Time needs to pass and provide the craved for distance from the situation. This distance should be filled with their awesome friends and as many happy activities they can squeeze into their days. It’s a time to feel good about themselves and not look back in anger at the object of the bee sting.

Life offers us many great lessons, and avoiding heartbreak is a big one. If you are brave enough to meet it head on, run out onto the battlefield of love, (before you smirk, I didn’t coin this cheesy phrase) and take back your freedom and happiness I salute you!

Go get ’em Tiger!

ps the stupid picture would not turn, there was only so much time I could devote to waiting for it to update, damn you wordpress, damn you and your irony!

But you, reader, enjoy the little tilting of your head to the side 🙂

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