Why Yoga?

I think yoga is magical as it’s helped me through so many tough times in life. But maybe your life has been smooth sailing and you’re wondering why you should add yoga to your daily life.

In situations like this, there’s only one thing for it, yes, you guessed it – a good old fashioned list! This list of 5 good reasons to start yoga in 2019 should convince you to start yoga in 2019.

Medicine for the mind

Yoga really is medicine for the mind. Did you know that according to the yoga sutras of Patanjali, yoga poses are practised so you can sit in meditation comfortably and for longer? Let that sink in. These wonderful asanas are practised so you can meditate for longer. Practising yoga regularly brings peace to your mind. Try it!

Healthy for the body

Yoga poses stretch and lengthen the muscles of the body, enabling breath to flow better. Our bodies work like this: we breath in oxygen, this is carried to the corners of our bodies by our oxygenated blood cells. The more we lengthen our muscles, the more space to add oxygen, the more we work with our breath, the more energised and supplied our bodies feel. It’s science!

Community spirit

Yoga has a huge community behind it, and the best thing is, they follow the yogi rules of kindness, oneness of spirit and freedom to be. What’s not to love about the yoga community? I am forever surprised at the beautiful people I meet through yoga. Not because I don’t believe in beautiful people, but because it is never ending. Just when you think you’ve met everyone, you meet new people. Namaste!

A New outlook

Practising Yoga everyday provides you with many benefits, your body is oxygenated, your muscles are lengthened, and your mind is clear. With this inside perspective, you gain a new outlook. You let things go easily, you have an inner peace and your heart feels full. The difference I have found with yoga over other types of fitness is the feel-good factor it brings.  It’s a feeling worth getting on board with.


Okay, I admit it, adding Savasana here was a little bit tongue in cheek. However, when you’ve completed a yoga class, and your body feels full of new space, lying down in Savasana is bliss. Ask any yogi, or better still try it for yourself and report back to us!


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