Should You Have fun While Doing Yoga?

I am the first person to say Yoga should not be taken seriously, and I think yoga classes have room for fun.

Yoga is an ancient practise, I always send a thanks to the ancient yogis when I teach classes, and encourage my students to if that’s their thing. Still, I think it’s possible to be respectful AND playful within your classes.

Beyond Trikonasana

I want my students to see more of yoga than Trikonasana, Veera Badrasana A & B, Utthita Parsvakonasana. I want Yoga to become a curiosity to them, to know there is so much more to explore than poses. I think this is done with touching on postures like Headstand, Crow Pose and Bird of Paradise. How wonderful do you feel when you think Bird of Paradise is impossible and then find yourself doing it? Very wonderful!

When we go to class, it’s nice to try new poses and asana that we are aspiring to, rather than sticking to basic poses. How will we know what our bodies and minds are capable of, if we don’t try new things with them?

The full potential of asana

Yoga as part of your life is best I think, and having a good directory of asana to aspire to opens up this ancient world. I’m not saying that I teach advanced poses every week, I most definitely teach beginners, but I think those beginners should have a goal.

It can take years to fully realise the potential of an asana, and having fun along the way, stretching our minds is helpful. Plus, an extra bit of fun in your practise makes your smile brighter!

Maybe there is an asana that speaks to you more than others, and one that will make sure you come back to your mat time and again to practise that. That can only be a good thing.


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