Beginners Yoga is simply Yoga

Since starting out in Yoga teaching so many people have expressed a desire to start taking my classes. I’m so chuffed about this, as this is why I trained to teach Yoga, I want people to go to Yoga!

A common theme I have noticed is that people think being a beginner means that they can’t possibly come to a class. I’m sure you’ll join in on my dismay, because of course you can be a beginner and go to Yoga classes. The very core of my Yoga teaching is to bring yoga to people who have never practised before.

I have a wonderful quote pinned to my kitchen wall, and it goes something like this;

Anyone who was ever successful in anything, artists, actors, scientists, etc, were all beginners once.

We have to begin, otherwise we’d never have new experiences, new skills, and new enjoyment.

Please let it be clear that the yoga poses you see on Instagram, are not the yoga poses that are expected of you. Most Yogi’s who post advanced poses have been practising for years, and years, and years. Yoga is a life choice, not an Instagram post.

There are also individuals who come to yoga from a dance background too, making them naturally predisposed to litheness and fitness. It may seem that yoga is new to them and they are wildy advanced at it very quickly. But just like advanced Yogis, they have been practising for years and years in a similar discipline, often since early childhood.

You often find in a yoga class that different abilities become apparent in different people. Some may be able to touch their toes easily, and some may be able to balance easily. Just like in our daily life, we’re all capable of different things.

It’s very rare you’ll walk into a yoga class and be able to complete all the asana to their full potential. That’s not the point of yoga.

The point of Yoga is that you are invested in your body, your health and your mind.

It doesn’t matter where you start, all that matters is that you start. Your Yoga teacher will be there to lead you in a class, but the practise is your own. Just like you roll up your mat and take it home with you, so you do your practise.

Learning to accept your journey where it is, is key to a happy yoga practise, and a happy life I think.

Our genetics give us so much, and they give us our body shapes. We can’t, and never should, compare our bodies with another’s physique. We are not all built the same. And that’s what makes us all so varied, gorgeous and wonderful to get to know!

I hope this sends you some comfort, and I hope you book the yoga class you’ve been considering taking.

You are worth it, dear beginner!

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