Well That’s Fate Restored Then

It’s Sunday already I know and while you’re reading this i’m road tripping to Aberdeen again, it’s genuinely my second home lately. There and London.

So, if you remember yesterday I was talking about fate and how I stopped believing in it but feel free to come at me.

and so it did…

As part of the Uni project I mentioned before, the last leg was filming Zoella in Edinburgh. Anyway, having been to a few of these, we decided to wait a bit and rock up later. I mean if you can have more selfie time, or more coffee time, why wouldn’t you? So instead of hanging around we did just that and as we made our way to the place to film we joked wouldn’t it be funny if we missed her and ended up having to chase her to the airport.

It was totes hilaires.

Fast forward an hour and we are standing perplexed at the airport as we had indeed missed her. She’d already gone through security and it looked like our chance was over. We discussed getting coffee because well if you can get more coffee anytime ever, why wouldn’t you? To say we were disappointed would be a massive understatement. We were four very gutted people.  We’d had such a good run with filming. Not a single hiccup and now this. Gutted. If only we had left earlier… if only we hadn’t selfie’d, if only we hadn’t….

And then, casually as ever she, Zoella, strolled right past us coming back to check in as there was an issue with her luggage. Wait, what now?

She stopped, we apologised, we chatted, we selfie’d and we all got a really warm glow because she’s just a fab little human. Not so gutted anymore. If only she hadn’t had an issue with her luggage, if only, if smoly…

Hello there fate. Welcome back.

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