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I’m amazed reading back through this blog how much dating has been a fixture of it… I think I was, (read definitely was), styling myself as a Carrie Bradshaw type. Hey, don’t judge, it was rather popular 5 years ago.. in fact, it still is!

A few years later, a few dating episodes under my belt, and I’m pretty much glad just to be who I am, able to get back up and do my thing with astonishing velocity.

I think it’s notoriously hard to date nowadays, you can break up with someone and be online dating someone new within minutes. People are also able to manipulate like never before as they have access to what they think is people’s lives online. They can chameleon into who they think a person wants them to be. Equally they can cut you out of their lives, pretend you didn’t exist and never ever meant anything to them anyway.

As i’ve said 100 times, only time will reveal someone’s character and distance will make you realise if you need or want them in your day to day.

My main themes in dating were about soulmates and fate and that never ending fairytale of love and romance, dancing off over hills together like a yogurt commercial.

Now I’m unsure if I believe in soulmates as it means there’s only one person for us, when there is possibly hundreds, we just haven’t met them all. And if we did, what then? Do we lead a polygamous life?

And, Fate? I used to believe in that, but now unsure too. It’s more likely just happy coincidence, but i’m open to discovering more of that, come at me! And, before you despair of me, I definitely still believe in love and magic. Only maybe love is nothing more than two idiots choosing each other over everyone else day after day after day and the magic comes from the simple world they create. That I can get on board with.

You know real when it hits you and equally you know unreal. Stay tuned for real, it’s where it’s at fosho x

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