Who Are You These Days?

proud mary

I had a chat with my oldest friend last night and she said “I sometimes wonder who you are these days, I see what you do online, you do so much, and then when I speak to you and I say, oh it is still just Karlie”

My friend was saying it must be difficult for new people to ‘get’ what I do and who I really am, “I know you hun, but they don’t so they must wonder what kind of person you are”. Truth is people are always surprised at the volume of what I do, most are super positive and some not so much but there’s no big secret, I just like doing stuff and am more than happy to help a few people do stuff too.

But ultimately I don’t really care what people think of me, I really don’t and that’s not meant to offend you but it’s that simple. I’m pretty thick skinned and i’m very black and white, there’s no grey.  Say what you want, think what you want, there’s no place for it here. I’m honest, I work hard and I always have, if you have a problem with me, you’re either having a bad day or a bad life, go have a cigarette, make some changes and grow up a little will you. You’re not going to be on my radar for very long with a bad attitude.  Yep, I juggle a lot but i’m the first friend there if you truly need me, my priorities are sharp. So that’s who I am, someone doing their own thing not concerned about what you’re doing.

I have decided to wind down a little on doing things this winter to concentrate on writing, as that’s where it all began right? That’s the silver tuna. It’s the one thing I keep coming back to on my life goals list. If I have instilled anything in you dear blog reader, it’s that change is possible at any given point, change is GOOD! Expect some changes coming this way.

Currently I’m writing every single day and finally taking that scriptwriting class I previously mentioned, my friend has said to use this blog as a diary of that, so here we are. Kinda. I don’t really want to promise but I am going to try.

Today in Uni, we watched short films where all kinds of mistakes had been made so we could learn from them. It got me thinking about mistakes and well damn this is a strange blog to write because it’s much more heartfelt than anything i’ve been writing in ages.

In short though, I guess we all make mistakes and we have to accept them and move on, otherwise you can get so caught up in worrying. What we look like, what we said, what we wore, what we so did NOT do. I have a great friend who laughs at any antics and it’s always given me permission to laugh at them too. I’m proud of me, mistakes and all. So that’s who I am these days, just a girl, standing in front of you all. Still just kinda proud of who I am and proud of the people who don’t question it.

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  1. trashtaylor Avatar

    Great post, Karlie! I have often wondered who I am these days. I have come to the conclusion that I am me, and that is ok. You keep being you.

    1. iamkarlie Avatar

      Hey Amy, and thank you, here’s to those who are unapologetically themselves x

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