Easily the greenest thing in Edinburgh!
Easily the greenest thing in Edinburgh!

If you’ve so much as glanced in the direction of Greenside Plaza in the last few weeks, you’ll have noticed the distinct green theme. Oh yes, Wicked is in town!

Set to run into the early days of January, the show has set up shop to entertain Edinburgh throughout the Christmas and Hogmanay period.

The Edinburgh Playhouse theatre has been transformed into a veritable green machine, with bathroom mirrors and corridors adorned with Wicked tag lines and paraphernalia.

Anyone who has ever seen The Wizard of Oz (those who haven’t, please stand up), and even remotely enjoyed it, rest assured you will absolutely adore this show! It is a cleverly intertwined story of courage, intelligence and love, with a large dash of Wizard of Oz references.

It’s a great take on the story we all know and love so well, with a fair few laugh out loads and moments that make you rethink the film.

Played by a stellar cast with a great set, although the very impressive Dragon may frighten little ones. I know my oldest would not have sat comfortably with that looking down at him as a youngster. Be prepared if you’re going along as a fam with little ones. But that aside, I was very much in awe of the dedication to putting on ‘a damn good show’ the performance gave. Were my eyes deceiving me, or did it really rain on stage? (Something i’ve only seen in ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ at London’s National Theatre, many moons ago!)

The show is stolen, in my opinion by Glinda, the good witch. played by Emily Tierney, with a great lead, Elphaba, played by Ashleigh Gray. Glinda has all the best lines and her character will have you giggling in your seat.

The first half is very long and I started getting antsy in my seat way before my youngest did. But the interval came soon enough, and we stocked up on treats, ditched the extremely long bathroom queue and made our way back for the second half.

Overall, I was really happy to sit and watch the whole show, and i’m not a great one for staying still. My attention span is rather short, but, as I said I enjoyed it, laughed in all the right bits and, I say with honesty, I would happily go back again.

Great show, grab tickets if you can and head along! Check the Official Uk Wicked Tour website here 

Ly x

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  1. superhez Avatar

    saw this in Glasgow, loved it, next stop hairspray at Dunfermlines Alhambra

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